We believe that products we make need to be superior and we spend a lot of time to fine tune every details we can think of before launching a new product.

First, we need to define what ingredients work the best for a particular use case. Then we need to find the best quality and sources to make sure those ingredients can turn into a superior formula. Then we start the testing process to make sure the final product meets our standards.

For couple of years we have been offering a Multi Collagen Powder which has encountered a lot of success. The ingredients are of high quality and the feedback of our customers above our expectations.

Codeage Multi Collagen Powder
Codeage Multi Collagen Powder

At Codeage, we always strive to improve on what we have and constantly reinvent ourselves. We are today glad to make this a reality with the launch of a unique Multi Collagen Powder Platinum Edition which builds on our Multi Collagen and adds wonderful ingredients such as biotin, keratin and hyaluronic acid to the mix.

This is the next evolution in our journey to continue innovating within nutrition.

Health has a new color 😊.

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