We are often asked if we have an organic version of our chocolate collagen. The answer is yes! We offer a USDA certified organic collagen powder in a chocolate flavor.

Organic certification

Organic food are produced by following and adhering to organic farming methods. An organic certification follows several standards  such as ensuring food is grown without the use of specific chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers, or does not contain GMOs. It takes some time to have a product approved as certified organic depending on the organization which certifies it.

Chocolate collagen powder for shakes & drinks
Chocolate collagen powder for shakes & drinks

Chocolate flavor

Many of our consumers enjoy their multi collagen peptides chocolate powder as the flavor brings a tasty alternative to the unflavored version. The organic multi collagen chocolate goes beyond with the USDA organic certification.

Discover today the Codeage Organic Collagen Powder Chocolate:

Organic Collagen Powder Protein Chocolate Codeage
Organic Collagen Powder
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