To celebrate the release of Codeage Hair vitamins supplement, we wanted to create a special video that would articulate the idea of the product in a different fashion.

Codeage Hair is our new hair supplement. It offers a wide range of ingredients. We believe that for many of us, our hair is an important part of ourselves. They can represent who we are, how we feel and let us express many of our inner feellings in creative ways.

For the video "Unleash Your Hair", we wanted to use a real athlete. Someone that would represent the courage and strength to keep going whatever the situation or challenge in front of them. Someone who knows about the ups and downs we all face through our unique path and ow we face them in our daily lives. An athlete that is committed to its craft and passion much like some of us could be commited to our hair.

This search for excellence is the same value we strive to look for when we design our Codeage products. Codeage Hair vitamins offers a capsules formula with biotin, collagen, keratin and vitamins in an all-in-one solution.

Hair vitamins supplement biotin hair loss, hair length, hair care
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